Signs a Heavy-Duty Truck Needs a Driveshaft

Signs a Heavy-Duty Truck Needs a Driveshaft

As you use your truck the way it is intended, you may start to notice that it isn’t running as well as it once was. Of course, you bought the truck you did to endure a true beat down; however, you still need to pay attention to warning signs that it may need repair. 

With anything that tolerates a lot of stress, it will need upkeep. Paying attention to signs a heavy-duty truck needs a driveshaft will allow you to keep your large investment in working order longer. After all, these trucks are an asset and an investment that you want to last as long as possible. 

Odd Sounds

As driveshafts start to go out or become less effective, you may be able to notice changes in the sound. As the driveshaft moves, pay attention to squeaking noises that increase in volume as your truck goes faster. Any odd sounds that accompany an increase in speed are a good indication that your driveshaft is on its way out.


Consistent with the abnormal noises accompanied by a gain in speed, there could be vibrations. As a driveshaft needs to be replaced, you may notice that the entire truck or just parts are vibrating. The shaking often worsens with a rise in speed and is another sign of an issue. 

U-Joint Issues

Another indication of a failing driveshaft is experiencing u-joint issues. U-joints allow the driveshaft to move up and down with the suspension while the shaft moves. The driveshaft, u-joints, axles, and differentials all are part of the intricate heavy-duty driveline system. As your driveshaft deteriorates, it will cause issues with the other aspects of the driveline.

There will be many signs a heavy-duty truck needs a driveshaft. Being attentive and focusing on abnormalities in your heavy-duty driveline will allow you to determine when your driveshaft needs repairing or replacing. Get the best use out of your truck by ensuring issues are caught early. DriveShaft of Tulsa repairs and builds custom heavy-duty driveshafts to keep you on track with your work.