Custom Off-Road Driveshaft Services

Offroad Driveshaft Repair

Custom Off-Road Driveshaft Services


Vehicles are generally manufactured with standard drive shafts that are meant to just help your vehicle travel down the road. At Drive Shafts of Tulsa, we know the importance of having a strong driveshaft because it's what creates dynamic movement by transferring power from the engine to your tires.

Regularly taking your vehicle off road can cause significant damage to your tires, wheels and driveshaft. Off-road vehicles require specially configured custom off road driveshafts to make sure that your vehicle can handle rough terrain and to enhance your driving experience in off-road conditions.

A custom off road driveshaft made with high quality materials can result in less damage to the parts of your vehicle, while you have fun heading off the beaten path! Since the driveshafts of off-road vehicles undergo regular wear and tear- it’s recommended that you check the status of your existing drive shaft often.

At Drive Shafts Inc., we can create a custom off-road drive shaft or make off-road driveshaft repairs to your existing one.

So, contact us today at (866) 604-2296 or email us at and one of our specialists will work closely with you to help determine what type of custom off road drive shaft will be the best fit for your off-road vehicle!