About Drive Shafts Of Tulsa

Drive Shafts, Inc. has been a fixture in Tulsa, OK for over 30 years. Since 1977, Drive Shafts, Inc. has specialized in designing and building custom driveshafts for major industries across the United States and overseas. All custom driveshafts are built with the highest quality parts and have been produced for industry leaders in construction equipment, paper processing, food processing, material handling, transportation, energy systems, truck body, agriculture, steel mills, bottling and marine.

In addition to custom orders, Drive Shafts, Inc. also repairs and balances all types of drive shafts. Using advanced technology machines, repairs can be done for all sizes of pick-up and vans, automotive and racecar needs, PTO and steering shafts, industrial and agricultural shafts, front wheel drive, heavy duty, 4-wheel drive and axle shafts.

Custom Automotive Drive Shafts Tulsa, OK


    Here's what a few of our customers are saying: 

    Drive Shafts, Inc. has been our driveline supplier since 1979. We manufacture heavy duty all-wheel drive vehicles for a wide variety of industries. During the Kuwait war in the Middle East, our company converted F-450 ambulances to all-wheel drive vehicles. This project lasted a period of three years and included the conversion of hundreds of vehicles, each requiring 2 to 3 drive shafts. DSI provided the large quantities we needed with timeliness and quality.

    Our company also produces celebrity and luxury vehicles by converting F-650 custom vehicles to all-wheel drive. These jobs require multiple shafts that have to be precision balanced. In addition to these projects, DSI also makes shafts for the diesel trucks that we convert, including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Workstar and Volvo. We have been very pleased with DSI over the years and look forward to a lasting relationship in the future.” - Todd, Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturer (Tulsa, OK)
    When asked for feedback on his recent experience at Drive Shafts, Inc., Glen said, “You guys have helped me out more than once. Not everybody does the kind of work that you guys do! I asked another shop to make a drive shaft Chevy at one end and Ford at the other, and they rolled their eyes. I brought it to you, and you were happy to help. You had it fixed in one day, no problem!” - Glen (Tulsa, OK)
    We have worked with Drive Shafts, Inc. since 1977 when the company name was Rick’s Driveline Shop. Our company modifies trucks, buses, and cars, making them longer or shorter depending on the situation. We require drivelines that are custom-made to fit. DSI is always availible to help with technical assistance; they come on-site and measure buses, trucks and cars as needed. We have been very satisfied with DSI’s service, quality of workmanship, and personnel for over 30 years.” - Bill, Auto Spring Co. (Tulsa, OK)