Understanding How a Drive Shaft Works

Understanding How a Drive Shaft Works

There are many moving parts to a vehicle that ensure it runs smoothly and fluidly. There are many features on vehicles, both small and large, that are important to know. One major necessity is understanding how a drive shaft works. If this part were to break down, it could cause significant damage to other essential mechanisms within the car.

What It Is

The driveshaft goes by many different names, such as propeller shaft, prop shaft, or driveline, and is a component of the drive train. It is a tube with connectors called yokes on the ends that connect to universal joints. These joints then connect the driveshaft to the engine or other stationary part. There are several tubes, bearings, and yokes that work together to make the driveshaft work.

What It Does

The driveshaft is a spinning tube that transmits power from the engine to the back of the vehicle at the differential. It does this by transmitting the spinning power from front to back. The deliverance of torque from transmission to differential then transmits torque to the wheels so the vehicle can move. Without the torque transfer between the separate components, you cannot drive. The driveshaft absorbs movements and allow two separate parts to move without breaking drive train components in the process.

Choosing the Right One

If your driveshaft breaks and renders your vehicle undrivable, you’ll have to determine which shaft you need to replace. Shafts differ between different types of vehicles, each with a distinct configuration. The correct part will depend on whether your vehicle is front-wheel, four-wheel, front-engine, or rear-wheel drive. In the event of failure, you can get your driveshaft repaired or buy a new, custom one from DriveShaft of Tulsa’s custom driveshaft shop. We pride ourselves on maintaining a team of certified technicians that can get components quickly and efficiently help you with any issues you have regarding your driveline.

Understanding how a drive shaft works will not only allow you to comprehend its importance, but it will also help you recognize when there’s an issue. Addressing driveshaft issues as quickly as possible ensures that no harm comes to the surrounding components. If your shaft does break, the team at DriveShafts of Tulsa will ensure a fast turn-around for your repair needs.