The Signs of a Bad Drive Shaft

The Signs of a Bad Drive Shaft

Your vehicle can be vulnerable to many different types of malfunctions and maintenance issues. Knowing how to identify these problems accurately and quickly can save you from high-cost repair fees. Look for the signs of a bad drive shaft to prevent those expensive maintenance costs and keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.

Vibrations From Under Your Vehicle

Arguably the most common sign of a bad drive shaft is vibration coming from the undercarriage of your vehicle. The severity of the vibration may be determined by the amount of deterioration sustained by your drive shaft, which makes early identification preferable to avoid further damage.

Common faulty components that may lead to vibrations include:

  • Universal Joints (U-Joints)
  • Couplers
  • Carrier Bearings

Squeaking Noises

These squeaking noises may be hard to hear, but they usually manifest when your car is driving at lower speeds. The squeaking occurs due to the U-joint losing its lubrication, and the sound comes from metal parts scraping against each other while in motion.

Catch the Noise Quickly

The faster you are able to identify the noise, the quicker you can fix the problem. The longer you allow the U-joint to wear down, the more expensive the repairs will be. If you catch the problem early enough and the U-joint is still in good shape, all it will take is some grease to eliminate the noise.

Issues With Turning Your Vehicle

When you turn your steering wheel, look for signs that your vehicle is not making turns as sharp as it used to; this deterioration with your turning capabilities can be the result of faulty U-joints on your drive shaft. These failing U-joints can inhibit the wheels’ ability to turn correctly, leading to turns being harder to make.

Car Shakes When Accelerating

Another sign that you must watch out for is your vehicle shuddering when it begins accelerating. Excessive shaking when you are going from a stop to low speeds can be caused by a worn-out U-joint in your drive shaft, causing uncontrolled shaking as you speed up.

Waiting Will Cause Further Damage

The moment you identify issues with your drive shaft, you must have it serviced immediately. Your drive shaft is what allows your vehicle to move, and if it suffers any significant breakages, it will be rendered useless at best and dangerous at worst. Know where to purchase car drive shaft parts to replace any parts that are too damaged to be used safely.