Meet our staff

Drive Shafts, Inc. has been a fixture in Tulsa, OK for over 35 years owned by Rick and Rita Whitehead. Since 1977, Drive Shafts, Inc. has specialized in designing and building custom driveshafts for major industries across the United States and overseas. All custom driveshafts are built with the highest quality parts and have been produced for industry leaders in construction equipment, paper processing, food processing, material handling, transportation, energy systems, truck body, agriculture, steel mills, bottling and marine.

In addition to custom orders, Drive Shafts, Inc. also repairs and balances all types of drive shafts. Using advanced technology machines, repairs can be done for all sizes of pick-up and vans, automotive and racecar needs, PTO and steering shafts, industrial and agricultural shafts, front wheel drive, heavy duty, 4-wheel drive and axle shafts.

Ryan Whitehead has grown up in the business. Since he was a teen, he started working on small tasks around the shop. Since taking a full time job with Drive Shafts Inc, this family-owned and family operated business has only grown stronger. Ryan strives to deliver quality service and product for each and every customer.

Ryan specializes in helping customers with every detail. He can help your businesses receive timely service on multiple drive shaft orders. With his vast knowledge of driveline parts and services, he can help you identify your need and solution on your next drive shaft project.

Kyle Smith has worked his way up from shop help to shop foreman. He is a valued member of the staff both for his ability to perform the most technical driveline work and his willingness to learn. Kyle has proven to be a huge asset in the manufacturing of parts for our large paper mill industry customers. He has gained an extensive knowledge of 225 and 285 metric series shafts. These parts are extremely large and shafts are time-consuming to produce.

DSI is proud to have Kyle as a member of the staff and look forward to his growth within the company for years to come.