Do you have a general question about your drive shaft? Read our answers to frequently asked questions.

Do you make custom drive shafts? 

Yes, daily!  Whether you have an automotive shaft that needs to be Ford at one end and Toyota at the other or are in need of several industrial shafts for a one-of-a-kind machine, we build shafts to fit your specifications.  We can make shafts in all lengths, using all different series (1310, 1330, etc.).  We also make both steel and aluminum custom drivelines.

How do I measure my drive shaft?

Exact measurements are absolutely necessary for the proper manufacturing of a driveline.  If the measurements are not accurate, drive shafts can break and accidents can occur.  Because of the large variety of shafts that exist and the endless tasks these drivelines are used for, we ask that you call and speak to one of our trained staff.  Once we have determined the type and use of your driveline, we will personally walk you through the measurement process.

Our website will soon feature step-by-step instructions for measuring the most popular types of drivelines, but we will always continue to offer personal assistance to any customer in need of measurement help.

Do you balance drive shafts? 

Yes!  We use a machine that mounts and spins the driveshaft exactly as it goes in the vehicle.  This gives us the abillity to balance a shaft at speeds of up to 3300 RPM’s.


A one-piece steel shaft can’t be longer than 72″ from the center of the u-joint at one end to the center of the u-joint at the other end.  If you have need for a driveline to be longer than 72″, it can be converted to a 2-piece driveshaft or built using aluminum tubing.


Do you sell heavy duty, non-greasable U-joints? 

Yes!  We sell both Spicer and Neapco non-greasable u-joints.  Most popular is Neapco’s Performance Dynamics u-joints.  These non-greasable u-joints are made especially for aluminum driveshafts.  Their oxidized caps don’t rust and help the u-joints fit tighter in the yoke.

Do you build drive shafts for race cars? 

We produce high-quality steel and aluminum racing shafts and will paint or finish-out by request.

What is torque? 

Torque is also called moment or moment of force.  It describes the rotational force down a shaft and measures how strong the shaft needs to be and how much pressure will be exerted.  An accurate estimation of how much torque a machine has is necessary to ensure the proper production of a shaft.

What is a CV shaft? 

CV stands for constant veloicty. Commonly found in 4×4 vehicles, these shafts handle more angle than two joint shafts and reduce vibration.

What is a drive shaft? 

A drive shaft, driving shaft, propeller shaft, or Cardan shaft is a mechanical component for transmitting torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drive train that cannot be connected directly because of distance or the need to allow for relative movement between them.  Drive shafts are found in automobiles, heavy duty trucks, agricultural equipment and industrial machines.